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The purchasing platform for enterprising retail entrepreneurs

Van Tol Retail is the online platform where you are provided to truly engage in entrepreneurship once again. It's a place where you are inspired by innovative concepts and interesting products that allow to express your company.

The online environment enables you to easily purchase products while also offering purchasing advantages. You have the benefits to get interesting discounts and promotions, gain access to a knowledgebase, training, services, promotional materials, etc. Additionally, you gain insight into your purchase history, which allows you to better anticipate developments.

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The advantages in a row

Room for creativity and entrepreneurship.
Attractive modules and innovative products to help express your company.
Provides interesting products the opportunity to find an targeted audience.
Real-time insights to quickly respond to developments.
Digitally accessible knowledge base, trainings, services, promotional materials, and more.

How does it work?

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Beautiful and interesting brands

Kettle Cooked Chips


Crosta & Mollica


Tony's Chocolonely